Guilty As Charged

Courtroom team building gameWhat has been happening at work lately? Who do you work with and what are their most endearing and extraordinary habits? If you were to put any of them on trial, what would it be for?

Let us help you!

In Guilty As Charged, we’ll get them to answer any “charges” you choose to select for them. In doing so, you will get the chance to review and reflect on all the most hilarious, endearing and memorable things they’ve got up to while they have been with your company. They drive a French car? Support Manchester United? Wear strange shoes? Add all this to the charge sheet!

Our professional actors will join you and play the Clerk of Court and the High Court Judge. They will guide you and your colleagues as you play the defence and the prosecution, character and expert witnesses, and the jury.

The event provides great entertainment and can be run practically anywhere, anytime – and we even bring our own jail!

• For 10-200 people
• Indoors and/or outdoors
• 2-3½ hours
• Can be run over a meal or without a meal
• Any date you want, as long as we have availability
• Wherever you want, providing the space is OK (can be run in one room)