What’s The Point Of Team Building Days?

What are team building days for? Why do companies book them? Mostly, to:

Team Building Days• Take people away from their usual work environment
• Free them from the usual work distractions
• Reward them for what they do
• Get them to think about what they might do differently
• Provide a safe place for them to try out new ways of doing things
• Improve how they work as a team
• Raise morale Continue reading “What’s The Point Of Team Building Days?”

Team Building Companies

How Do You Sort The Good From The Bad?

Team building companies are everywhere on the internet. Finding them is easy. But how can you tell them apart? Which will deliver? Which will listen to you and provide what you are looking for? Which are enthusiastic but incompetent? And which are cowboy operators more concerned with cash than results? Continue reading “Team Building Companies”

Team Building Days In London

Where To Go, What To Pay

Planning any team building days in London? It’s where we are based. Local knowledge means we can make finding what you are looking for much easier. The right kind of venue. The right kind of activities. The right people to run them for you.
Team building in London is different. More expensive, usually. More options? You might think so. It all depends… Continue reading “Team Building Days In London”

Why Pay For Team Building

To pay or not to pay?

Plenty of team building games are available online for nothing. The site we like best for this is Businessballs. A name inspired, it says, by “juggling balls” in “training and development”. Well, that’s a relief…
Other good sources include Team Building Portal and Camp. If your budget is very limited, these provide fun team building games you can run yourselves at work. How useful this is depends on two things, mainly. How good the games are. How good the people running them are. Continue reading “Why Pay For Team Building”

What To Consider When Booking Team Building Activities

Phrases mean different things, according to who uses them. For some people, “Good fashion sense” means a Made In Chelsea blazer. For others, a T.O.W.I.E. playsuit. So what about “Team building activities”? What does that phrase mean to you?
Our clientsFor some, the phrase conjures up raucous, rough-and-tumble outdoor adventures mainly involving alcohol and mud. Continue reading “What To Consider When Booking Team Building Activities”

How To Tell Good Team Building Ideas From Bad Team Building Ideas

Team building info“Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything.” It’s a saying which regularly gets trotted out when ideas are mentioned – including those for team building days. And yet… is it really true? No one seems to know for sure who first coined it. Too ashamed, perhaps…
As anyone who has ever sat through some meetings will know, ideas aren‘t cheap. Especially good ones. Sometimes blood from a stone is more plentiful. People waiting for others to chip in. People starting to say something then stopping. People being people. Continue reading “How To Tell Good Team Building Ideas From Bad Team Building Ideas”