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Team building games by categoryEven our “off the shelf” team building games are flexible. What we do varies according to how of you there are, how much time you have and what you hope to achieve.

Here are some of the team building games we currently run, sorted into categories. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, do still ask us about it.

We may be able to tailor and adapt one of our existing games to match what you are looking for. Or we may be able to create a new team building game for you, from scratch.

Team Building Games By Category

Ice Breakers

Short, lively team building games which get your day off to a great start. Or wake people up after lunch. Or accompany more “serious” activities, freeing up imaginations and sharpening minds. We’ve got many to choose from. [more]

Team Building Games With Hidden Benefits

The idea with these games is that people are too busy enjoying them to notice the benefits they bring. Only afterwards will this sink in. Improved self esteem, better communication skills, better team work… The games come in many different guises: art dealing mayhem in Art Attack, horse trading hoopla in Horseplay, courtroom dramas in Law and Disorder and Guilty As Charged, football fever in On The Ball, school days revisited in School Sports Day, edit your own newspaper in Scoop! Hold The Front Page or just throw yourself into a fast moving mixture of games in Team Building Pic’n’Mix.

Business Games

Many options, many approaches, many results. [more]


Training shouldn’t be dull. It should be inspirational. It shouldn’t be half-baked. It should bring lasting benefits. Working with experts, we can devise special programmes for you which address key issues in a lively, effective way. [more]

Murder Mysteries and Treasure Hunts

We run these through our sister companies, Murder Mystery and Mayhem and Find The Treasure. Both include a much stronger team-building element than most companies offer. [more]

Spy Games

Negotiating, processing information, reading people, getting them on your side: espionage has plenty in common with what goes on in every other business. In team building exercises, being a spy makes everything more fun. For smaller groups, try our Spy Ring. For larger groups, try International Rescue. Click on spy themed treasure hunt for our special secret agent training course. To make your own spy film, go to Film Making Days. For something bespoke which incorporates a spy theme, go here.

Film Making Days

In many ways, these are the perfect team building activity. Immersive, exciting, creative and drawing on every skill people in each team have. We were one of the first companies in the UK to offer them. Still nobody does it better? Make your own mini Hollywood blockbuster, shoot a film from a script or storyline we give you, create a corporate video or company advert – learning from film industry professionals. [more]

Promotions and Incentives

Promotional ideas and incentive schemes for employees, clients and customers.
Want to impress new clients? Thank staff? Launch a new product? Looking for a fun way to reward top performers? Our promotions and incentives help you improve customer and staff loyalty.
Going… Going… Gone! is a game in which every team is given “money” it can use to bid for Lots in our special auction. The team that bids most wisely and whose Lots have the greatest value wins. Not only that, every team gets to keep the lots it has successfully bid for. It means everyone taking part receives a reward of some kind and a few will end up with something very special. [more]
Quizes are a simple way of getting teams competing with each other in the hope of winning big prizes. Many quizes are much of a muchness. Ours are different. [more]
Bespoke Events: because we create all our events ourselves, we’re well placed to come up with new ways of helping you build your customer base and/or incentivise your staff. Let us know what you are trying to achieve. We’ll do our best to make it happen for you. [more]

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for here, please call us on 020 8842 1284 or contact us for more ideas and suggestions.

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