Team Building Games

Team building games for team successOur Team Building Games

We have divided these up for you in two sub-headings:

Team Building Games by Category
Team Building Games by Group Size

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Group size Indoors Outdoors How long Description
Art Attack 10-120 Yes Yes 2-3½ hours [more]
Beat The Dragon 8-100 Yes Yes 2-3½ hours [more]
Bespoke Events 10-1000 Yes Yes You tell us! [more]
Best in Business 6-250 Yes No 2-3½ hours [more]
Film Making Days 15-200 Yes Yes Full day [more]
The Firing Squad 10-200 Yes Yes 2-3½ hours [more]
Going… Going… Gone! 20-150 Yes No 1-3 hours [more]
Guilty As Charged 10-200 Yes No 2-3½ hours [more]
Horseplay 16-200 Yes Yes 2-3½ hours [more]
Ice Breakers and Energisers 8-300 Yes Yes ½-1½ hours [more]
International Rescue 40-250 Yes No 2½-3½ hours [more]
Law and Disorder 15-150 Yes No 2-3½ hours [more]
Murder Mysteries and Treasure Hunts 6-300 Yes Yes 2-3½ hours [more]
On The Ball 12-250 Yes Yes 2-3½ hours [more]
Quizes 15-150 Yes No 1-2 hours [more]
School Sports Day (for grown ups!) 15-120 Yes Yes 2-3½ hours [more]
Scoop! Hold The Front Page… 25-250 Yes Yes 4-8 hours [more]
Spy Ring 25-50 Yes Yes 2½-3½ hours [more]
Team Building Pic’n’Mix 8-300 Yes Yes 1-3 hours [more]
Training Ideas and Activities 8-100 Yes No 3-6 hours [more]


Team Building Games

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