Team Building Days In London

Where To Go, What To Pay

Planning any team building days in London? It’s where we are based. Local knowledge means we can make finding what you are looking for much easier. The right kind of venue. The right kind of activities. The right people to run them for you.
Team building in London is different. More expensive, usually. More options? You might think so. It all depends…
Yes, companies providing team building events in London are more plentiful than elsewhere in the country. But finding a good, reasonably priced venue with plenty of space indoors and/or outdoors? A venue with a welcoming attitude and high quality service which won’t charge a huge premium for this? Here you may struggle, without a company like ours to guide you.
London team building companies
Online directories often list more than a hundred corporate event companies operating in London. With so many to choose from, how can you know which are best? Our article on Team Building Companies has more detailed advice about this. But instinct and research are also useful guides. Does a company strike you as all Sales and no Substance? How well-informed about what it does are the people you speak to? Who else has booked its events? Did it create and will it run your event for you – or bring in another company to do so?
London team building venues
If you book us for your event, we’ll always make a special effort to find the right London venue for you. Doing so requires knowledge, experience, persistence, tact, patience. And time.
Team Building Days in LondonSearch online for a London venue for your team building activities. What do you find? Often, more than 1,000 suggestions. Approach a corporate event company and ask them to find somewhere for you. How many suggestions will they come up with? Often just a handful.
Here’s why:
• London is huge but most groups don’t want to travel far. The City? Covent Garden? The West End? Maybe. Mayfair? Bayswater? Victoria? Possibly. Richmond? Camden? Crystal Palace? Usually not. Unless that’s where they happen to be staying or are based.
• Finding a good venue from scratch takes a lot of effort. Ask some companies to do this for you, they’ll just offer the same list of venues they offer to everyone, irrespective of what you are actually looking for. Often from the same online directory. We like to go the extra mile – in every sense.
• How venues work out prices is often very confusing and makes comparisons difficult. Has VAT been included? Has Service? Is there a room hire charge? Is the “Set Menu” option you’ve been quoted the only option available? Can you have a buffet instead? Is a drinks package available? Will you have to pay a “late night” surcharge if you don’t finish by a particular time? With our expert help, you’ll get prices which make sense.
• How venues work out room capacities is also a bit of a free for all. Some try to pack as many people in as possible, just to make more money. They forget that, with team building games, people need more space than usual. We’ll help ensure your venue is fit for purpose.
And let’s not forget…
…London has more multi-millionaires than anywhere else in the world. Nearly a quarter of all the UK’s wealth is created here. Its GDP is bigger than Belgium’s. No surprise, then, that everything tends to cost more.
Compare the price of a team building day at a Central London venue with that anywhere else in the country, and the difference will be significant. Day delegate rates reflect this. These are the rates people may pay for an 8-hour stay in a hotel, with food, hot drinks and conference facilities provided. Outside London, these often stay below £50 per person per day. In London, they tend to start at around £70 and keep rising. And, because some London venues and some team building suppliers don’t have to try so hard to attract business, the quality is often inferior, too.
So what can you do to avoid getting less for more?
• If you want the best value for money, avoid the busiest times. Busiest day of the week is Thursday. Busiest time of year is Christmas.
• Choose your team building supplier carefully and get them to source your venue. If they know what they’re doing, they should be able to get you a better deal than you might get for yourself. To some venues, “End Customer” spells “Money”. For companies like ours which can bring a venue plenty of repeat business, they may well offer better rates.

Initiative Unlimited for team building days in London and the rest of the UK.

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