Team Building Photos and Videos

Here are some team building photos and videos of team building games we have run. Our videos will give you a better idea of what happens during a live event. Our photos reflect the wide range of activities we run. Please contact us for more information about what we can do for you. If you have any video footage of events we’ve run for you, please send us links to it in Leave a comment below.

Team Building Videos

Guilty As Charged courtroom game

Judge Judy combines with The Office in this hilarious, fast-moving courtroom challenge. Every team acts as prosecution or defence. They may accuse other teams of various “criminal acts”. Or they may defend their own team members from charges others bring against them. You support Manchester United? You spend too much on shoes? You wear strange ties? You too could end up in the dock. Our very own Judge Pickled hears the evidence then gives his verdict. Innocent or guilty, everyone receives the same sentence: two hours of first-class entertainment which you create for yourselves, guided by our skilled professional actors.

On The Ball team building game with football as its subject

A lively, hilarious, team building activity set in the giddy world of Premier League football. Players to buy and sell, matches to prepare for, crowds to attract, owners to keep sweet – On The Ball is a great, fun way of improving negotiation and communication skills. The clubs are fictional so there is never any clash of loyalties. Knowing a bit about football helps but is by no means required. And, yes, in ON THE BALL, women make an equal contribution, both on and off the pitch. As with all our events, there is always plenty for everyone to do and plenty of ways to get involved.

Film Making Days

Our Film Making Days provide a hugely enjoyable team challenge. They will get you working happily and harmoniously together. They will uncover talents and skills you never knew you had. They will open your eyes to what really happens when a film, commercial or corporate video gets made. They will leave you with something to take pride in: a DVD entirely of your own making!

Everyone in each team will have a specific role: director, producer, writer, camera operator, presenter and so on. You will all be involved every step of the way as you get to act in, present, direct, shoot and produce everything yourselves – with expert guidance from us.

What makes us different from other companies offering similar days is in the high level of professional help and teaching we provide. Those taking part learn a great deal in a very short time. They use this knowledge to make films that are technically and creatively far more skilful than the usual “point and shoot” home movie. Our facilitators are industry professionals with years of hands-on experience in film and television. We supply high quality cameras, a variety of props and costumes, and master classes in directing, presenting and camera operating.

Team Building Photos

These photos were taken at team building events Initiative Unlimited has run for companies, businesses, organisations and private groups

Team building photos 1
Team Building People – Part 1
Team building photos 2
Team Building People – Part 2
Team building photos 3
Team Building People – Part 3