Team Building prices

Team building prices for our corporate events

Team building pricesWe rarely outsource and keep our overheads low. As a result, our prices are usually regarded by our clients as very competitive. If someone seems to be offering what we offer at a much lower price than us, they won’t be offering what we do. If their price is much higher, it’s either because their profit margins are much higher or because they’ve added in various extras which we haven’t yet quoted for. For genuinely low cost team building ideas which deliver good results, we think we are hard to beat. Do you get what you pay for, when booking a team building event from a professional event planning service? It all depends who you are dealing with…

We price all our team building and training activities separately for each client. Prices vary a lot but we always do our very best to come up with a proposal that will fit your budget and give you what you are looking for. To do this, it helps if you can use our Enquiry Form to tell us:

  • What your approximate budget is. We have so many options to choose from that, without knowing what you might want to spend, we may seem too cheap or too expensive.
  • Where in the UK or the rest of the world might you want your event to take place.
  • How many people it will be for.
  • What your timings are likely to be.
  • What sort of event you are looking for and what you want to achieve. Is the emphasis mainly on having fun, on boosting team spirit, on getting people mixing who don’t know each other, on accomplishing very specific training goals? Let us know and we’ll give you choices best suited to your requirements.
  • If you need us to source your venue for you. We can either bring what we do to a venue you’ve sourced or take care of sourcing it for you.

A short London-based team activity for a small group might cost £400-£800. A day-long series of team building games for 100 people in Italy could cost £50,000. And there are many, many options in between! A lot depends on how many of us will be needed to run the event for you, how much preparation time is required and what we bring with us. Our equipment costs are often low because most of our activities rely on skilled actors and facilitators to make them work, rather than expensive pieces of kit. But we can source most types of kit for you, if your group wants them.

We are based in West London and team building prices vary according to how far away from our base your event is happening. Usually we travel by car because of what we bring with us but will travel by train whenever possible. Accommodation has to be charged for when an overnight stay becomes necessary with longer journeys. We do travel abroad and have run our team building events in many different countries over the years including France, Italy, Spain, Holland and India.

Our events are suitable for from 5 people to 600 people.

Whether you want a 30-minute ice breaker to kick off a conference or a 3-day training programme for all your staff, we’ll have something we can arrange for you. Prices per head are higher the fewer of you there are. Booking several events in the same location should bring you a discount.

Simple “fun” events are cheaper than more complex training activities designed to address specific work issues. But even our “fun” events still serve a useful purpose. Great for team bonding, they also encourage people to examine and question their usual ways of doing things. And, because we create and run everything ourselves, what we offer is original, special and individual. No two team building or training companies are the same. Very few can match our years of experience in running successful events.

Team Building Prices by Initiative Unlimited