Free Team Building Games

Free team buildingThe best free team building resource we know of is Business Balls. The site isn’t connected with us in anyway – we just like what they have to offer. The site is huge and crammed full of free materials including free team building games and training programmes. Set up in 1999, it aims to be “ethical, practical, innovative, compassionate and enjoyable”. The index is a good place to start. Its terms of use are as follows:

  • “The use of Businessballs materials is free for education and training and related low-scale reproduction in notes and handouts, etc.
  • The use of Businessballs materials where the main purpose is publishing and/or profit – in printed, digital or online media – is restricted to extracts and subject to permission.”

We don’t know of a better source of free team building materials but, if you do, please point us to it in Leave a comment below. We’ll take a look with a view to adding information about it on this page.

For free Ice Breakers and Energisers, the nicely named Shambles education directory is a good starting point. The quality is very variable but there is plenty to choose from.

Free team building can work. So why pay?

Although the cost of our team-building activities starts very low, not every individual or organisation can afford to pay for the expert help we provide. Plenty can be achieved by taking a more D-I-Y approach. So why bother coming to us?

  • Because we’ll save you the time it will take you to research and create your own event.
  • Because we bring 25-years of experience to everything we do.
  • Because the people who run our events are skilled professionals who know how to get the best results from every kind of group.