Why Pay For Team Building

To pay or not to pay?

Plenty of team building games are available online for nothing. The site we like best for this is Businessballs. A name inspired, it says, by “juggling balls” in “training and development”. Well, that’s a relief…
Other good sources include Team Building Portal and Camp. If your budget is very limited, these provide fun team building games you can run yourselves at work. How useful this is depends on two things, mainly. How good the games are. How good the people running them are.
Free team buildingFree ingredients are fine. But you still need someone who knows how to cook them.
Running corporate, team bonding events for companies is something we do as a business. So, yes, we’re ever-so slightly biased about this. D-I-Y team building days will save you money but may still cost you in other ways. Most particularly:
One or more of you will still have to get the games ready. Instructions to read, props to buy, paperwork to prepare. Even quick team building games can still take a long time to get ready. Quick when they’re happening but not quick to prepare.
We have run our games enough times to ensure they flow smoothly. We adjust them as we go along according to how groups respond. Experience tells us what changes we may need to make during them, to deliver the best results. With a D-I-Y version, you will most likely be running every game for the first time. No previous examples to draw on. Nothing to compare.
You won’t know what works till you try it. Suppose people don’t like the free games you’ve chosen for them. Folded arms. Sighs. Phone checking.
The free games will then be a waste of everyone’s time. So choose a team building company instead which really knows what it’s doing.
Follow up
The key to a successful team building day is what happens afterwards. You don’t want “instantly forgettable”. You want “stays in the memory” and “life changing”. That always costs!
Team building works, when done properly. But don’t just take our word for it. As we explain here, plenty of evidence exists about the benefits it brings. Proper evidence, based on expert analysis and scientific research.
Save Money
Effective team building improves staff morale, loyalty and productivity. Compare the cost of it with the cost of recruiting new staff or having people work for you who are unhappy and unmotivated. Financially, it makes perfect sense.

Initiative Unlimited for team building games in many different group sizes and categories.

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