Our Clients

What our clients can expect from us

Honesty. If you ask for something and we can’t do it, we’ll tell you. If what you’re asking for won’t work, we’ll tell you. If we have something which is exactly what you’re asking for and cheaper than something else we might do for you, we’ll tell you.

Our clientsPatience. You may have never arranged a team building event before. You may know nothing about prices, options or the differences in what companies offer. We may not have what you’re looking for. We’ll still take the time to answer your questions and talk you through how everything works. We want your event to be a success, even if we don’t run it for you. If lack of information means it isn’t, everyone loses.

Flexibility. You may have your heart set on a team building activity based on a theme or subject of your own choosing. You may have ingredients you’d like to add to an event we already run. We like to be flexible and are often inspired by ideas and suggestions our clients come up with. Providing we know we can make what you’re asking for work, we’ll happily investigate it for you. Adapting an activity to fit a different time frame or group size? To fit a particular venue? Inspired by a favourite tv programme? Created from scratch especially for you? Been there. Done it. Ask us and, if we can deliver it, we will.

Promptness. We all know companies which don’t return calls, take days to reply to emails and become increasingly elusive after the initial sale is made. We answer most enquiries within hours or, if something will take longer, warn our clients why this may be. (Waiting to get information back from a venue, for instance.) We do what we say we’ll do. Take the money then under-deliver or build up a good relationship and get plenty of repeat business? It’s a no brainer…

Pride in what we do. We aren’t in this business to make a quick fortune and then sell up. We’re in it because we enjoy it and care passionately about it. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Our Clients

Our clients include many major companies and big organisations. Among those we’ve run corporate events, team building and training events for are:logos of our clients

Clients include:
Accountants, advertising agencies, airlines, banks, beauty product companies, boat builders, bookmakers, breakdown services, breweries, building societies, car makers, charities, computer technology companies, construction companies, councils, courts, dating agencies, department stores, door and window makers, drinks companies, electronics companies, energy suppliers, estate agents, fashion companies, financial product specialists, food manufacturers, golf clubs, government departments, hotels, insurers, interpretation services, investment banks, kitchen manufacturing companies, law firms, libraries, newspapers, magazines, management consultants, marketing companies, pest control companies, pharmaceutical companies, publishers, railway companies, recruitment agencies, religious organisations, rugby clubs, schools, software companies, solicitors, supermarkets, television companies, telecommunications companies, travel agencies… and many more!

Here are some comments about our events from some of our clients.

Here are two case studies, describing the progress of an event from the initial enquiry through to feedback we received about it afterwards.