Business Games

Business simulation games and trading games which help develop key skills

Our business games are designed to improve communication, negotiating, decision making and many other basic management skills. Some are very light hearted. Some focus on aspects of training you specifically want us to cover. All are challenging. All are original. All are great fun.

Business gamesThe term “business game” means different things to different people. How would you define it? Something which draws on people’s business skills to accomplish the challenges it sets them? To a greater or lesser extent, all our activities involve this. Or a simulation game in which you and your team get insights into how to run your own business? Our Best in Business and Beat The Dragon games both provide this. And both can be adapted to include specific skill sets or discussion topics you’d like to explore.

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Our Business Games

Best in Business 6-250 people
A game that gets people working together more effectively, sharpens their communication skills and improves team morale. And it’s great fun, too! At the start, every team is given a new company to run. [more]

Business Games Pic’n’Mix 8-100 people
This colourful mixture of team building games is specifically linked to real business situations. It will energise your group, lift everyone’s spirits and provide a fast-moving set of challenges for everyone to enjoy. Includes trading games, negotiation games and investment challenges. [more]

Beat The Dragon 8-100 people
As in the Dragon’s Den tv show, you will get the chance to pitch ideas for new products and services to our “Dragons” (investors). Working in teams, your aim is to persuade them to give you all their money. In a relaxed and fun environment, your communication skills receive a helpful overhaul. [more]

The Firing Squad 10-200 people
Sir Arthur is looking to hire someone new in his organisation. He doesn’t want just any old rubbish. He wants the best! [more]

Scoop! Hold The Front Page 25-250 people
The game will open your eyes to how tabloid newspapers are really put together. Among the resources we provide are laptops, digital cameras, design blueprints, research tools and a number of breaking news stories for you to report on. [more]

Business Brainiacs 15-200 people
A fun, lively, team quiz whose subjects include brand awareness, advertising and good and bad management speak. This business game can be tailored to include questions about your own business. [more]

Bespoke Business Games 15-200 people
See Bespoke Team Building and Training for more options on how we can help you develop key business skills.

The Hollywood Learning Curve 15-200 people A business game about How To Make A Movie. [more]

Simulation trading and business games by Initiative Unlimited