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About Initiative Unlimited

Established in 1989, we have a wealth of experience in organising and running successful events. If your company could do with a morale-boosting away day, some client entertainment, training or team building, Initiative Unlimited can provide everything you need.

About Initiative UnlimitedOur main office is in West London but we run our events throughout the UK and abroad.

Working for as long as we have in the events business gives us the edge over many of our competitors. The key to running any live event is to expect the unexpected. A dramatic change in the weather. A big increase or drop in the number of people attending. The running time suddenly being cut or extended. Fire alarms. Double bookings. Venue staff shortages. Not enough alcohol being provided. Too much alcohol being provided. We’ve had to cope with them all. We see where a problem may present itself and head it off before it can do any damage.

The experience we’ve had in professional event management enables us to adjust what we do as we go along. No two clients are the same. No two events are the same. Nothing is ever “one size fits all”. We change what we do to suit the mood and character of each group.

So what are the backgrounds of the key personnel at Initiative Unlimited? Apart from the knowledge they’ve gained from managing so many events, what qualifies them to do this kind of work? A mixture of working in business at a high level combined with long experience of public speaking and performing.

David FranceInitiative Unlimited’s CEO is David Shannon. Before moving into event management, he worked as a successful journalist for 12 years, writing for a wide variety of national newspapers and magazines. He was also Deputy Editor of a national magazine with a readership approaching 1 million and a turnover to match: Country Living magazine. He has been a professional actor for the past 20 years, using the stage name David France. He is also director of the highly successful online murder mystery company, Murder Mystery Games.

Martin SouthMartin South assists David with managing and running Initiative Unlimited. He worked as a lawyer before establishing a long career as a senior executive in the public sector, where he gained huge experience of training, team-building and development programmes as well as making regular appearances on conference platforms across the UK. Over the last few years, he has turned to acting and directing in the theatre and has run a small theatre company. He has acted professionally in a wide variety of shows in London.

The rest of the Initiative Unlimited team consists mainly of the actors and facilitators who make our events such a success. Loyal, hard working and always utterly professional, they are excellent communicators who know how to get the best out of every kind of corporate group.

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