Ice Breakers

Fun ice breakers and energisers that get your group working together.

Ice breakers and energisersWe have more than 30 ice breakers and energisers to choose from. They are for 8-300 people. They last anything from 5 minutes to 2 hours. They are the ideal way to begin a conference, company away day, training day or team building event.

They help your group shake off any preoccupations people bring with them. They sharpen concentration, unite everyone and put them in a good mood. Some are physical, some mental, most a combination of both. Very flexible and simple to arrange, they can take place at the start of the day or gee people up after lunch or round everything off on a high. We can run them on their own or as part of a bigger team building event we organise for you.

Our most popular ice breakers and energisers

Some take place in teams, some individually and some as one big group

Process of Elimination
Understand your colleagues better by learning about each other’s personal preferences.

Instant Movie
Take a well-known film – and re-enact it in your own 2-minute version.

Alone and Adrift
How long would you survive without your home comforts?

Last Orders
What would your last meal be on Death Row?

Beside The Seaside
Persuade an unwilling owner to let you rent the holiday cottage of your dreams.

Sweet Shop and Pet Care
A trading game. Buy, swap, sell and negotiate to get all the items your team needs.

Crisp Challenge
Identify the flavours.

Mount Pasta
Build the tallest structure out of pasta and other unusual materials.

Do As We Say
Tests your listening skills.

The Colour of the Word
Keeping what you see and what you say separate.

Buried Heads
A brain-teaser whose answer is very obvious – when you know it!

Across The Canyon
Another brain teaser.

Clever Stuff
Shows how many people think the same way.

Answer questions without saying Yes or No.

No Laughing Matter
Keeping a straight face, whatever those around you are doing.

Legs Akimbo
A balancing contest.

Make money from buying and selling horses.

Think on your feet and keep the story going.

Just A Minute
Talk for a minute on a subject we give you.

Status Games
Interact with those around you according to how high or low status you are.

Twenty Questions
Also known as “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral”.

Flight of Fancy
The aeroplane game.

Business Brainiacs
Business quiz.

For more detailed descriptions and to find out how our ice breakers can fit in with everything else you want to achieve, please phone us on 020 8842 1284 or contact us.

• For 8-300 people
• Indoors and/or outdoors
• ½-1½ hours
• Usually run without a meal but some can take place during a meal
• Any date you want, as long as we have availability
• Wherever you want, providing the space is OK (can be run in one room)