Beat The Dragon

Beat The Dragon team buildingInspired by TV’s Dragon’s Den. For 8-100 people.

Beat The Dragon is a hugely enjoyable and challenging team-building game. As in the TV show, you and your team will get the chance to pitch ideas for new products and services to our formidable and hilarious collection of “Dragons” (investors). Your aim is to persuade them to give you all their money!

The game is designed so that everyone is involved and, at any moment, any team member can be invited to contribute. In a relaxed and fun environment, we’ll give your communication and powers of concentration a helpful overhaul – and test your ability to work successfully as a team. And your sales technique will improve.

Various “extras” are thrown in to keep everyone interested and the event concludes with the teams bidding for various “new inventions” in an auction. The true value of any item they bid for will be added to any cash they have left over and the team that’s richest will be the winners. Prizes are given to the winning team and to the individual who has impressed us most.

By the end of this game, even the fiercest dragon will take on an entirely new animal form: the pussycat!


• For 8-100 people
• Indoors and/or outdoors
• 2-3½ hours
• Can be run over a meal but is most often run as a morning or afternoon event without a meal
• Any date you want, as long as we have availability
• Wherever you want, providing the space is OK (can be run in one room)