School Sports Day (for Grown Ups!)

School Sports DayIn School Sports Day (for Grown Ups!), everyone is a winner. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to be a super athlete to do well. Wit, cunning and an ability to pretend you are back at school all help, too!

Our experienced, professional actors play an assortment of teachers including the Headmaster Mr. Crippen, the Gym Mistress Miss Bull and the Head of Geography Mr. Snodgrass. They supervise all the activities, comment on the action and interact hilariously with the “pupils” – i.e you!

You may think the teachers are idiots. They probably are idiots. But fair play is expected from everyone. So don’t cheat unless you’re sure you can get away with it.

Among the activities you may participate in are the wheelbarrow race, the egg throwing challenge, the horse race, the Stop Smirking Challenge, the Space Hopper race, the one-legged challenge, the three-legged race and the sprint relay.

The event is rounded off with a rousing chorus of the School Song then an amusing debrief by the Headmaster and a splendid prize-giving ceremony.

• For 15-120 people
• Mostly outdoors
• 2-3½ hours
• Run as a morning or afternoon event without a meal
• Any date you want, as long as we have availability
• Wherever you want, providing the space is OK. Will need a suitable area where the activities can safely take place